Information for Teachers

We have been developing our education programmes here at the Museum.

We now have the ‘Museum in a Box’ which we can deliver here on site at the Museum or at your centre/school. Museum in a Box is a way for us to bring our programme to the familiar setting of your classroom or ECE centre. 

It is an interactive/hands-on approach to learning and will lead through to your visit to the Museum.

We can also tailor a programme to suit your group’s learning needs – just ask!!

School Feedback

“We really enjoyed the experience of you coming into the centre to share your information and knowledge with us about the Endeavour, it’s crew and some key events that happened during their visit here in 1769. We found it to be very engaging and it sparked our children’s interest in learning about how and why Captain Cook sailed the Endeavour to our area, and what life may have been like here, during that time in history. There have been many conversations since, and some of our children have been to visit the museum with their families. Again, thank you very much from everyone here at Whenuakite Country Kids; we really enjoyed your visit!”

Jasmine Lockhart
Whenuakite Country Kids

Contact us about our programmes

To ensure the best possible Museum experience for both students and teachers, the organising educator is asked to speak with the Museum Educator to discuss details of the planned programme.