The Mercury Bay Museum is proud to present a range of historic displays:

The Navigators

This exhibit focuses on the Tahitian Navigator Kupe and Lieutenant (later Captain) James Cook who spent 12 days in Mercury Bay.

Coastal Shipping

The most important of these is HMS Buffalo, a ship with a colourful history. The museum has a wide range of artifacts from the Buffalo on display.

A Dairy History

This exhibit houses the only known Anderson Butter Churn to still be in its working space.

Kauri Logging & Gum Digging

Our Kauri Room displays many artifacts to illustrate this important period in our history.

The 1950s Schoolroom

The Blacksmith’s Workplace

This realistic exhibit containing many of the tools used by blacksmith, Billy Keane.

The History of Fishing

Unique displays that emphasise the passion the people of Mercury Bay have for the marine environment and fishing, both recreational and commercial.

Natural History

Take a walk through Cathedral Cove and the bush to see the (past & present) native birds, animals and predators that inhabit our region.

Agricultural Exhibit

Our new Agricultural Exhibit was opened in October 2018.

Become a Volunteer


If you would like to volunteer to be part of our front-of-house team welcoming visitors to the museum, read our volunteer programme fact sheet and download our application form from the link below.